Conflict resolution 

Although virtually unheard of at Warriors, from time to time conflict within a sport organisation can occur. Conflict between individuals may develop as a result of differences in background expertise and experiences and ideally these should be resolved by the individuals involved, as soon as possible, without the need of third party input.

If left the situation tends to become worse and will affect the age group, very often results in the loss of a key volunteer, and no-one benefits from this especially the young people we give our time to and should be our priority over all.

The key factor in solving conflict is attitude. Parties in conflict can adopt a conciliatory or adversarial stance. Or they can accept that conflict can be a normal and necessary part of managing an age group or view conflict with annoyance and distrust.

It is sometimes necessary to obtain the services of an independent person to assist the parties to negotiate and reach agreement. If it is felt that intervention has become necessary contact Rob Byrne or Roger Brosh on the Warriors committee with the confidence of complete confidentiality. 

With or without an independent person to act as negotiator, conflict will only begin to subside when parties have the opportunity to meet and properly hear each other's argument. It’s important to find some common ground and work a way positively out of the situation.